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News: Alexia Christmas Photo. (Dec/08)

Last week Here at the Alexia HQ we had the opportunity to get prematurely excited for CHRISTMAS!

In preparation for the party season we decorated our office and set up a small photography studio in our show room. We had a group photograph to be put on a card to be sent to all our wonderful stockist.

Whilst the photographer was busy setting the scene, Mandy was hiding behind the backdrop desperately trying to escape from the camera.

Lexie was doing star jumps whilst her Christmas jumper played us all a tune.

Laura was having fun raiding the fancy dress box. (She managed to find some fabulous bauble earrings and a nice new nose.)

Jenna was exploding champagne all over the showroom, whilst making us all jump out off our wooly jumpers in shock.

Claire was kicking back with a glass of bubbly.

Charlotte was practicing her poses.

Amy was busy being a perfectionist decorating the Christmas tree.

 Last but not least Hayley was busy freaking everybody out taking sneaky pictures.

It was a very merry morning to say the least!