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News: How to survive your wedding day - Part 1 (Mar/24)

How to survive your wedding day

The big day is here - and you're totally freaking out. Don't worry - we're here with a handy guide to keeping your cool. Here is part one of the Alexia Designs guide to surviving your wedding day!

1. Don’t panic!

Okay, so you’ve planned the perfect wedding. It’s consumed your every waking moment for months, and when you close your eyes you see confetti and seating plans dancing to the wedding march. That’s okay! Because when you wake up on the morning of your big day, the hard bit is over. This is a day for you and your partner. Whatever happens, happens – as long as both of you make it down the aisle, it doesn’t matter if it rains or if your flower girl spills juice down your bridesmaid’s pastel pink dress. Don’t panic – one day, you’ll laugh about the things that went wrong.

2. Remember the best bits

Every bride says the same thing: your wedding will fly by faster than you thought possible, so make sure you remember the little moments instead of a big wedding-shaped blur! Resolve to take little mental snapshots to remember, whether it’s the big moments (seeing your husband-to-be standing at the altar) or the little ones (maybe holding each other's hands under the top table).

3. Enjoy your dress

So you’ve searched high and low and you finally found the dress of your dreams. You might have pictured this exact dress since you were a little girl, or maybe it was the last thing you ever imagined wearing  - either way, your wedding dress is the most important outfit of your life, and you should enjoy wearing it! Today is your day to feel like a queen, even if you’re usually more comfortable in jeans and Converse, so take time to swirl your skirts, feel the fabric and love your dress! (And for some inspiration, make sure to check out the new bridal collection from Alexia Designs!)

 4. Take it slow

Alright, so the day is going to go like a shot – but make sure you don’t sprint down the aisle! You’ve chosen your music, and you know your fiancé is waiting at the altar - but nerves can get the better of you, especially if you’re not used to having just about everyone you know staring at you! Take a deep breath, hold on to the lovely person walking you down the aisle, and take your first few steps into marriage.

5. Trust your bridesmaids

This one goes hand in hand with ‘Don’t panic’! You have to accept that things might go wrong on the day, and if that happens, you have a team to back you up every step of the way. Your bridesmaids and your maid of honour are there for a reason: they’re your best friends, and they’ve got your back. If you’re easily stressed or prone to mishaps, consider a wedding survival kit with all the essentials. Your maid of honour will probably be carrying your basics anyway (think your lipstick, tissues, a few spare bobby pins) but ask your bridesmaids to carry a little extra – plasters, breath mints, a nail file, a comb, even a mini sewing kit!